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Intention is the criterion of value in every act we engage in. Using data science, user research, trend analysis and scenario planning can help you understand the problem you intend to solve.


Imagination is the key to creative thinking. Take pride in using our holistic intelligence model. Thinking about the what-ifs help us create a more innovative solution together.


Drawing inspiration from a wide range of fields, and various areas of expertise allows us to look at problems and possible solutions from a variety of perspectives. 

Data Driven

Socially Innovative

Faith Inspired


Human Centred

Ethically Designed

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Nick Hunt Davis

Zahara operates with integrity and grace to a fault. She has an innate ability to understand complex systems simply, and document these findings in digestible and easy to understand ways. I would recommend her for any position that has human needs at the forefront of her output.  She will surely provide tremendous value.

Bilal Memon

She is one of those rare breeds that combines the technical nature of product management with the data driven approach of a UX researcher to deliver the best product for your customers. She's a rare gem and I'd highly recommend her!

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